Review of Irreversible


by Tyler Ianuzi,

"Imagine that you've lived in the dark your whole life when one day the lights are suddenly turned on. Would it disturb you to see that the world is nothing like how you imagined it? That's the question put forth in Jack Karp's brilliant opening monologue to his original play Irreversible, presented at the 14th Street Y by The Red Fern Theatre Company."

"Thanks to a committed ensemble cast, sharp-eyed staging and thought-provoking writing, Jack Karp's Irreversible is one of those rare shows that can change the way you look at your world upon leaving the theater."

The Colorado Springs Independent calls Irreversible  "beautiful, sensitive and, most importantly, human."

Review of Irreversible

by Stefan Woych,

"Karp adeptly denotes Oppenheimer’s dilemma between his passion and his conscience with clever wordplay in scenes where all five of his relations argue with him in tandem. They lucidly expose his relationship with each of them and to his conscience, moving the narrative along while reinforcing the theme."

Review of Irreversible

by Myra Chanin, Theater Pizzazz

"The fraternal relationship cum sibling rivalry between physicists J. Robert and Frank Oppenheimer surrounding the creation of the atomic bomb is so fascinating and the information so well researched, written and performed, that every ass sat on the edge of its seat until the final blackout – despite the fact that everyone knew pretty much how the play would end, not with a whimper but with the first of several gigantic bangs."




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